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February 15th
adidas Originals Collective Store VIP Grand Opening

The All-Star Weekend festivities are well underway here in Houston, Texas and we’re bringing you one step closer to the events. Footaction Star Club was on hand at the Willowbrook Mall location as it got a complete facelift in order to make way for the new adidas Originals Collective in-store experience. Its grand opening would feature great music, fresh merchandise and visits from some high-profile characters. The store employees were prepped for the event by donning custom t-shirts and a warm smile. The interior walls of the adidas Originals annex were lined with eclectic paintings and still-unreleased adidas gear for the curious and savvy Spring-season shopper. All of the preparations were in place for the evening to begin.

DMC was first to arrive on the scene, as he greeted employees and posed for pictures with eager fans. As legendary DJ Clark Kent made his presence felt on the wheels of steel, the air in the immaculately decorated room was growing thin and the atmosphere became restless for the second special guest to arrive. The line began to grow and grow as fans and VIPs alike waited to meet Big Sean. As two large security guards and a camera crew swept through the near restless crowd, the anxious air disappeared and was replaced with uncontrollable joyous shrieks and strong, loud handshakes. Big Sean was about to arrive and everyone knew it. None other than Big Sean himself crashed onto the scene five minutes after, graciously greeting every fan he passed by. As he stepped in front of the adidas Originals Collective for Footaction red carpet backdrop, cameras flashed wildly. Fan after fan posed next to the G.O.O.D. Music Sergeant as if they had known him for years. Big Sean made a point to stick around and chat with every fan, after which he went to shop around the store on his own. Pointing out a few pairs of adidas sneakers and outfits he liked, Sean said the last of his goodbyes to the fans that stuck around to watch what he picked out.

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