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June 19th
Civil Clothing

When the topic of the clothing brands arises, it’s a rarity to find that any are rooted in a foundation that actually stands for the something worthwhile. That’s surely not the case with Civil Clothing — a brand that is representative of both the idea of the individual in a larger societal ecosystem. Launched in 2008, the brand maintains an ever-evolving aesthetic that carries fashion-driven influences while always staying rooted in their overall message. Today, you can find Civil Clothing in Footaction stores across the nation.

The notion is this that if every individual plays their unique role in the world from their location, tastes, to their ethnic backgrounds and religious beliefs. If everyone is different in his or her unique way by default, your passion is your difference.

“Celebrate the Difference” is about discovering what you love, remaining true to what you truly desire, followed by the honest pursuit to go get that dream. If everyone has a dream, then society is a beautiful, flowing stream of passionate unique individuals celebrating their passions.

Discover your passion and never stop celebrating it.