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July 29th
Flight School: New Balance 590

When you first hear the brand New Balance, you probably think casual, comfort, trainers, simple, and maybe even Made in the USA.  The last thing you’d probably think of?  Basketball.  Yup, that’s right.  New Balance once made a basketball sneaker, and arguably one of the best basketball sneakers ever to be made.  The New Balance 590 debuted in the mid 80’s and was made famous by the retired LA Laker, James Worthy.  Released as one of his signature sneakers during the end of his contract with the USA-made brand, the New Balance 590 was was made for a maximized performance with a herringbone outsole and a high cut silhouette, perfect for the big man in the paint to ensure durability.  Although the basketball version of the New Balance 590 is discontinued, it has been reinvented as one of the best training sneakers in today’s sneaker game.