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November 18th
Flight School: Reebok Pumps

The Reebok Pumps were released in 1989 with the television ad campaign with the tagline “Pump Up, Air Out.”

Reebok, at competition with Nike during that era with Michael Jordan sporting the Swoosh, created the Reebok Pumps which reached modest popularity around the world. The shoe features the iconic tongue with a round orange pump that inflated the air cushion. This feature was supposed to increase jumping ability.

The Pumps have made its way to contemporary entertainment, as well, although it might not be in arena that you’d expect. John Cena has been known to proudly “pump up his kicks” to get the crowd riled up. Only half-joking, the prime and shining moment for the Reebok Pumps was when Dee Brown pumped up his Reeboks during the 1991 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Brown ended up winning the contest.