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November 16th
Real Talk with Kendrick Lamar @ Footaction 34th St

Star Club: First of all, congratulations on all of your recent success, Section 80 was fantastic project, things been going well since then?

Kendrick Lamar: Yeah, it’s been crazy, I just been doing a lot of shows, make sure I do the live performances. Bring it to a city near everybody.

SC: How’s the touring been going, any memorable dates?

KL: All of them really, everybody get the same amount of energy as far as participation and just being a fan of the music. I feel like L.A. was the city, and I know tonight will be just as crazy.

SC: Speaking of touring, there’s been some pretty big announcements regarding touring recently, we found out you’ll be hitting the road with Drake and A$AP Rocky, can you talk about how that came together?

KL: He basically just reached out man and said he was a fan of the music, and I been a fan of Drizzy’s music…

SC: When was this?

KL: Probably like a few months back. And he gave me the opportunity to be a part of this Club Paradise tour right after the album drops, and it’s great because it’s a perfect setup. I’m on the album and I get to, you know, go out there and rock the joint.

SC: Yeah, and you are on a track on Drake’s Take Care, were you guys in studio together? How’d that go down?

KL: He sent the music through that 40 produced. And he just told me to do me on it man, and have fun.  And what I did was put my thoughts down and it went perfect with the concept that was behind “Marvin’s Room” going into the next song “Underground Kings” and it fits.

SC: So what’s next on the plate for you, we heard you are connected to Dr. Dre, now we see you’re doing some work with Drake, but what’s the next sort of solo step for Kendrick?

KL: I’m working on a debut album right now. Gearing it up. I think I have the first single.

SC: Okay and that’s going to be on Top Dawg Entertainment?

KL: Yeah, the street single. Should be putting it out probably in the next month. Continue to build man, finish these songs, do these shows for Section 80 at the same time get this new music ready because I got a lot of talk.

SC: Dope. I mean I know that you been really adamant about cultivating sort of a real indie-like core fan base; you been very loyal to the Top Dawg camp, but there’s been conversations about majors for some time, is anything sort of materializing there?

KL: Yeah. Yeah definitely. I mean it must be in the right situation, but, at the end of the day it will always be Top Dawg entertainment, we’re going to move as a unit regardless. Their support will be label support and everything that’s motivating music and going out here and touching these people, that’s us.

SC: So you guys are looking for more of a distribution situation like a label deal type?

KL: Yeah. I think what people need to understand is that the label’s not going to control the music, they’re going to control distributing music on a bigger scale so more of your people can hear it.

SC: You also recently did a track with Microsoft? For like a promotional deal? Can you talk about that a bit?

KL: Yeah it was dope. They reached out, said they wanted to campaign one of their new phones, a Windows phone. And Nosaj Thing, one of their producers came out and reached out. He’s an incredible producer.

SC: It must be kind of crazy going from an indie artist putting your music up on the web with you and your crew to like a corporation as big as Microsoft reaching out.

KL: Yeah. It’s a lot of reaching out man. It feels good, you know? Lets me know that the dedication and hard work, and really you know take it to the next level, not even keep doing music, but branch off of the other aspects of the game, you know?