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May 19th
PUMA X Pink Dolphin

On Friday, May 27th, the PUMA X Pink Dolphin collab will drop at Footaction. The collection includes two colorways of the classic PUMA Suede, two soccer jerseys, two graphic tees, and a pair of fleece shorts. Before the big drop, we caught up with Pink Dolphin designers Neima Khaila and Cena Barhaghi to learn more about Pink Dolphin, the roots of their collaboration with PUMA, and the inspiration behind the collection. We also kicked it with Rotimi from the Footaction Family for an exclusive photo shoot with the collection, which you can view above.

Footaction (FTA): For those that don’t know, give us the rundown on Pink Dolphin as a brand.
Pink Dolphin (PD): Pink Dolphin was started in 2008 in The Bay Area. We are a collective of young entrepreneurs that pride ourselves on releasing limited clothing that is only made one time to keep from saturation in the streets. Positivity is the brand’s biggest message and it is something we continually try to push thru our clothing and lifestyle. Our motto “Legends At Our Craft” is a phrase that not only defines the pride, creativity, and superior quality that we put into our gear, but a phrase that encourages everyone to be a legend in their own craft.

FTA: Tell us about the inspiration behind the collection, in general.

PD: The concept behind the collaboration was inspired by the deep sea and the contrast of colors only found in that ecosystem. Inspiration took form with a distinct color palette and integrated design features. Rich blues were used to represent the vast depth of the sea, while pink and aqua hues mirror the colors seen in the luminescent creatures of the abyss.

FTA: How did the partnership between PUMA and Pink Dolphin come about?

PD: We met with some of the guys over at PUMA through a mutual friend in the fashion industry. They came out to LA to meet us and we went out to Boston a few times to hang with them and we really got to know each other. From there we started putting the collaboration together. They were really excited about what we could do together and after over a year of working on getting this collaboration done, we are finally very excited able to see it come to life and release to the public.

FTA: What features of the PUMA Suede led you to pick that shoe to work with for this collection and what are some design features you want people to notice?

PD: The Suede has always been a classic staple silhouette for PUMA that everyone can recognize. It only felt right to start off this collaboration by putting our twist on a classic. We put a gradient translucent sole on the shoe which came out absolutely amazing. We added our signature waves pattern and another gradient fade on the back heel as well. All the materials on the shoe are premium and we added a nice touch of real leather on the inside of the tongue.

FTA: Two shirts in the collection are very obviously nods to a soccer jersey. How did this idea come about? Did you use PUMA’s roots in the soccer world as inspiration?

PD: We did a soccer collection a few years back during the World Cup. When we got the chance to do the collaboration, I knew I wanted to use their fabric technology and their deep roots in the soccer world to do a real soccer jersey. After looking through hundreds of old soccer jerseys in PUMA’s archive, I took bits and pieces of different fabrics and applications to create the one in the collaboration. We also added an inset layer to create a slight extended look to the jersey since the regular ones are usually pretty cropped and short. We are all huge soccer fans, as well, so it was really cool to see that particular piece come together.