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December 23rd
Reebok Classics X Nick Grant

Nick Grant is living proof that some guys are bred and built to be elite emcees. Born and raised in Walterboro, South Carolina, it didn’t take much for Nick to stick out in the town with a population of barely 5,000 people. He wrote his first rhyme when a group of friends dared him to write one better than theirs.

Though he was usually the youngest in his hometown battles, he always rhymed with maturity beyond his years. Coupled with neighborhood OG’s taking him under their wings, Nick inherited gems that most kids his age weren’t being exposed to leading Nick to feel like he might have been “raised in the wrong era” as he often says.

Grant didn’t want to let a small town environment hold his big city skills hostage. Seeing that there were little to no outlets for his creativity, he relocated to rap music mecca Atlanta where he moved in with his older sister and began fostering his talent. Upon his arrival entering ninth grade at Washington High School, he immediately threw himself in the rap ring by ditching school and
going to nearby Clark Atlanta University to battle college students. The battles sharpened his tongue to the point that his Economics teacher gave him some unconventional advice. “He said I was doing the wrong thing coming to school,” laughs Nick, who is a man of few words in casual conversation, but has plenty to say once he puts pen to paper. “He told me I shouldn’t even be there, that I should leave school and pursue rap.”

His calculated flow and detailed wordplay takes listeners back to a time where you had to rewind the song to catch a line. Mending the vulnerability of 2Pac with the quiet urgency of Nas, Nick grants listeners with the same jewels his influences dropped on him. “A lot of the songs I write, I’ve never heard records like them before,” he says. “So instead of complaining or waiting for someone else to make them, I figured I could make them myself.”

At Footaction, we’re so excited to have Nick be a part of the Footaction Family. We most recently worked with Nick on this photoshoot in Atlanta with Reebok. All of the kicks in the shoot can be found in stores now. Shop the Nick Grant Atlanta Photo Shoot Reebok Collection HERE!

Footaction Five with Nick Grant

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