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December 14th
Star Club’s Top 20 Movies of 2011 (20-16)

The Academy Awards nominees will be announced sometime in the next month. But we know they always tend to mess up their lists with some random off-shoot indie movies or depressing dramas. That said, the StarClub decided to compile our own list of the best movies of 2011. For us, by us – no FUBU. Grab some popcorn and enjoy!

20. Planet of the Apes: Rise of the Apes – It didn’t match the hype, success or story of its successors, but Rise of the Apes is straight up primal action. Pop this in before the gym and you’ll be yelling testosterone-filled “NOOOOOOOO” like Caesar all day.

19. The Muppets – In no way is appreciating The Muppets lame. Especially when you pair Jason Segal with Kermit and Co. for one of the surprise films of the year. We’ll take this over any artsy-smartsy movie with no real likability.

18. Paranormal Activity 3 – You were scared. Admit it.

17. The Lincoln Lawyer – What would you do if you were in Matthew McConaughey’s shoes? That’s what you’re left to wonder the entire movie as the seemingly scumbag lawyer has a change of heart – at the most inconvenient time.

16. The Adjustment Bureau – We know, we know: it’s an odd premise for a movie. But Matt Damon kills his role as a Senator-in-love and Emily Blunt acts (and looks) fantastic. We wouldn’t watch it again, but we enjoyed it while it was on.

Stay tuned for 15-11!