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August 9th
Throwback Thursday: Derek Redmond and the Olympic Spirit

81 medals and counting for Team USA.  Moments like Gabby Douglas’ extraordinary all-around gymnastics performance and Michael Phelps’ phenomenal gold medal swim to end his Olympic career have been marked historic.  So for this week’s Throwback Thursday, we take it back to 1992 during the Barcelona Olympics, where pride and spirit could not be measured.

Going into the 400m semi-final race, Derek Redmond, a British sprinter, was a favorite to qualify for a highly anticipated finals.  Redmond, who looked in spectacular form had the least to worry about his past injuries and was focused on adding a second gold medal of the Olympics.  However, 15 seconds into the race, Redmond’s hamstring gave out, forcing him to collapse to the ground as his competitors finished.  While most of us would screech for medical attention, Redmond hobbled his way to the finish line.  But what’s astonishing about this throwback moment is that his father jumped from the stands, fought off security guards and helped his ailing son to complete the race.  Their eagerness and determination has become a prominent symbol of Olympic spirit.