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April 29th
Tuesday Tip: How to Show Off Your Outfit on Social Media

Showing off a complete outfit on your social media channels may not be the easiest thing especially if you don’t have a photographer following you around 24/7. For this Tuesday Tip, we’ve got you covered for three things you should consider when you have the flyest kit out there and only your cell phone. The problem is simple: “How do I show these threads off while not looking lame?”

The first type of photo you can snap is the outfit grid. That’s where you actually lay out the key pieces of of your outfit along with your essentials (keys, wallet and any small yet crucial accessory you rock) and then snap a photo of it overhead. This type of photo ensures you get everything and displays your style in an objective, yet clean manner so you can do it consistently.

The next type of photo you can post is the look down, which is a shot from mid-body down pointing at your sneakers. Your pants and sneakers are highlighted here, and for bonus points, you should subtly (or not-so-subtly) show off your location rather than the carpet in your bedroom.

The last type of photo is very specific, and that’s the sneaker in hand. Just as it sounds, it’s holding up one of your shoes and snapping a photo of it. For bonus points, wristwear/accessories, interesting backgrounds are welcome. Get creative by pairing up the details on the sneaker with its surroundings (i.e. a sneaker with camouflage infused in the front of an area with a lot of green and brown).

All-in-all, style is just as much about your perspective than as your aesthetics so use this information and examples wisely. And please no more selfies. Seriously.