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February 20th
5 Alternative Nicknames for the Los Angeles Clippers

Oh – you haven’t heard? The Los Angeles Clippers have taken the NBA and turned the league on its head this season by defying conventional wisdom and uh…winning. Yes! No longer are Los Angeles’ Little Brothers playing second fiddle to the Lakers formerly known as Showtime. They even have their own snazzy nickname in the Blake Griffin and Chris Paul anchored Lob City.
However, not everyone’s been so welcoming of the Clippers’ recent success or self-adorned nickname. Whether it’s LeBron James and Dwayne Wade throwing subtle jabs westward or Kevin Durant discrediting Griffin’s theatrics, everyone has something to say about the NBA’s ugly duckling. We figured we would it taken it upon ourselves to offer some other options for the Clippers in case this whole Lob City thing wears away quickly. Sir Sterling: Holler at us. We have some sense to turn into dollars.


All respect to Blake, DeAndre, Chauncy and Caron, but without Chris Paul, the Clippers are fighting for playoff contention instead of home court advantage. What better ode for the city’s star point guard than by turning Hollywood into Paulywood. Hell – if it means him signing a contract extension longer than 2 seasons, it might be worth it to physically change the iconic sign.

2. Los Angeles Avengers

You know what Donald Sterling loves doing aside from bathing in cold hard cash? Pissing people off. So it’s only right he (and fans) make the Avengers a more popular nickname for the Clipshow than the already present – and identically named – arena football team. Come on: it makes all the sense in the world. Never before have the Clippers been on the verge of avenging their entire history. Like we said: Donald call us.

3. Boeing Boyz

Word to the Ferrari and Bugatti Boyz. The Clippers should take hip hop’s popular expression and add a fly – awful pun totally intended – twist to it. We’re sure Kia won’t mind their star endorsee turning to Boeing for all of his long-distance travel needs.


Like we said earlier: Move over Showtime. Make room for Motime. Usually, it’s mo’ money mo’ problems but when it comes to Mo Williams it’s nothing but mo’ buckets. Hold us to this: Barring some awful injury for Paul or Billups, Mo Williams will be hoisting up the 6th Man of the Year hardware at the end of the season. Every time he’s checked in, Staples Center has gotten rowdier than Charles Barkley in a public speaking class.

5. Los Angeles Blakers

We know, we know: the Clippers have an actual squad around their prized power forward Blake Griffin. But every true Clippers’ fan owes a part of their biweekly salary to Blake Griffin for bringing the Clippers into national relevance. Once the laughing-stock of the league, the Los Angeles Blakers have seemingly done the impossible by reversing the franchise’s curse. If and when, someday, the Clippers win an NBA championship with their current roster, there’s one man owed more gratitude and thank yous than any other. And that’s Blake Griffin.