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February 16th
A Styling Session With NBA Celebrity Stylist Rachel Johnson

We invited NBA Celebrity stylist Rachel Johnson out to our Houston hotel suite to show local influencers her favorite looks from handpicked Footaction apparel. She sat down and crafted 3 outfits that embodied the essence of the professional baller in today’s league. One by one, the members of the influencer group visited us and Rachel took the time out to explain her approach to ultimate style versatility from the shelves of Footaction. Here’s her take:

Look 1: “This is what I like to call the ‘Press Conference’ look. This is usually what an NBA player’s style can come down to, it’s sometimes where it all matters. The press conference is usually the place where player outfits start trending online and during big games, their choice of clothing can make more of a statement than their words ever do. Here we choose a military inspired top and play it up with grey sweatpants. The hybrid of athletic comfort and tailored wear is a big trend happening right now, take notice.”

Look 2: “This right here is what I imagine today’s NBA athlete wearing while sitting court side watching the Dunk Contest or cheering on his fellow at a high-profile event. There’s a glossy snake print adidas sweatsuit paired with a blazer to enhance the versatility of the outfit tenfold. This is the type of athletic freedom that can be altered and make you fit for the club or the gala. You can even do it up with a vintage lapel pin and adding pop of red on the footwear end makes it complete.”

Look 3: “We’re always seeing our guys in run-of-the-mill blue denim and to be honest, we’re tired of that. ┬áHere we opted for the waxed denim look, not your regular ol’ blue jeans. This is the On-The-Bus look or the Airport Swag outfit (situations that NBA athletes often find themselves in) featuring a Jordan varsity jacket and Air Force Ones. I added the cardigan to introduce some sophistication into an otherwise very sporty look. Once you accessorize with a gold chain and a Flud watch, you’re good to go.”