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February 26th
Adidas, D Howard & Footaction: Welcome to Orlando

While Adidas is widely known for their great footwear and apparel, it should be noted that their parties are equally as incredible. Thrown in an airport hanger, yes, a hanger, Adidas and Footaction hosted by none other than Orlando’s most famous star, Dwight Howard put on quite the show for everyone invited. We went through two security points before boarding a party bus that transported us to a dark blue and white illuminated hanger while DJ Neil Armstrong and Mick Boogie provided the sounds for the evening. NBA players including Chicago Bulls’ Luol Deng, Sacramento Kings’ Demarcus Cousins, Minnesota Timberwolves’ Ricky Rubio and Oklahoma Thunders’ Serge Ibaka were all in attendance having a great time with all of us.

However as soon as Fabolous took the stage, all eyes shifted from the beautifully ornate hanger to center stage. Though adding Fab with a surprise performance from Ne-Yo to a party would be enough anywhere else, Adidas also brought out B.o.B, DMC from the legendary Run-DMC, and one of Atlanta’s biggest stars, Young Jeezy. While B.O.B performed some his biggest hits like the down tempo “Nothin On You”, Young Jeezy came out and ignited the party with his speaker blowing club anthem “Supafreak”.

The floor surrounding the stage turned from various pockets of mingling to an all out dance floor. For tonight, it didn’t matter if you were rocking a suit, dress or suit sweat, we are all in and we all won.