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February 16th
Adidas Red/Black/White Collection

Whenever a sneaker uses a red and black color scheme, it automatically boosts the sneaker’s elegance.  Simply put, the combination of both hues barely ever goes wrong. Far too many sneakers are put under the radar because its overuse of any color, making the sneaker trite and unable to deliver a clean fit.  Though, the three-stripe brand steers the Top Court into the fresh category using the perfect amount of both red, black and white.  A red leather upper contrasted by a glossy red three stripe branding and a clean, white midsole creates a fine, equal balance that creates a desirable fit. You shouldn’t be too hesitant about what shoes to wear to the first day of class.  Nonetheless, keeping these Adidas Samoa’s in their box, wrapped in the protective parchment paper even after your first wear, should always be placed at the near top of your shoe box shelf.  Why?  Every step in the Samoa’s count twice as much as any sneaker you would regularly wear. Polished with a lively red sole, the Samoa also features their classic shell toe box that reinforces the Adidas branding.

Make sure you stop by your local Footaction to buy these exclusively.