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February 23rd
AJ Flight Lab @ NBA All Star Weekend

Having the opportunity to get away from the bristling cold of the midtown Manhattan streets couldn’t have come at a better time. Especially when Mother Nature is more indecisive as she’s ever been. So as soon as the words “All Star Weekend” and “Florida” were uttered there was no way we were turning this once in a lifetime offer down.

As the hours slowly counted down to our 8 am flight, none of us could find any sleep. Whether it was our over excitement or just the great episode of Law & Order that glowed from the television screen, all of us were wide-eyed anticipating stepping off that plane into the warm winter of central Florida.

As we all ended up dozing off before the plane even took off we all woke up to exactly how we began. Except this time we were wheels down in Orlando, Florida. Peeking out the window we could see the humidity, which was completely fine with me as long as it wasn’t as cold as up north.

We immediately made our way to the Air Jordan Flight Lab at The Florida Mall in Orlando where not only could you put your own brand new Air Jordan 2012’s together piece by piece, you could try them out right then and there on an incredibly well put together mobile basketball court. Although the lab and court were within arms reach we would still have to wait until tomorrow to venture inside the lab.

To be continued tomorrow!