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March 22nd
Apparel of the Week (3/22/2013)

One of the easiest ways of keeping a fit simple is by wearing just a few colors.  One or two at most, maybe three if they’re primary colors.  So this week’s apparel of the week is dedicated to the most quality garments in the shades of black, white and gray.  These might not be the most spring ready pieces, but they will most definitely enhance any wardrobe.  The key: subtle designs.  Check out the adidas Originals Trefoil Short-Sleeve Logo Tee, the Jordan Varsity Hybrid Hoodie and the Jordan Buzzer Beater Tank, all with minimal design but with sharp features and detail.  Another subtle layer and great alternative to the above: the Nike Shooting Shirt, a 100% recycled polyester half-zip long sleeve available in six colorways.  Pair any of the tops with the Nike Layup Short and complete the look with the Jordan Jumpman Flight Stretch-Fit Cap.