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June 15th
Apparel Of The Week (6/15/2012)

adidas Response DS S/S T-Shirt – Men’s
It’s a nuisance when the shirt you’re training in absorbs all the sweat and makes your workout feel twice as heavy.  Not only does it slow you down, but you begin to wonder why there’s less breathability and refreshing moisture around your body.  But you don’t have to worry about any of that when you’re wearing the adidas Response DS S/S T-Shirt, using ClimaCool technology and constructed from 100% polyester.  Your workout in one the six colorways available guarantees maximum moisture management for all your workout needs.  Rain or shine, indoor or outdoor, this adidas tee will make you feel like you always have a fresh, reinvigorating shirt on.

Nike Hurricane Vapor Jacket – Men’s
While the weather is toasting up, you never want to get caught off guard in the spring showers.  Most importantly, you don’t want to get caught wearing too heavy of a jacket, especially when all you need is a slim protective outer layer to slick off any potential downpour.  Stock up on anoraks, parkas and windbreakers, but most certainly on this 100% Nike Hurricane Vapor Jacket.  Not only rain proof, this jacket is fully functioned with breathable technology so you don’t overheat in the warm temperatures.  Also laced with reflective bars at the front chest for visibility during your night runs, there’s not another jacket that gets the job done as well as the Hurricane Vapor jacket.

Under Armour Nonstop Short – Men’s
When you slip on a pair of shorts, hopefully well-fitted around your waist, you immediately know if those pair of shorts are going to get the job done.  Weather you’re looking for comfort, performance or style, you sometimes forget that there are shorts out there that blend all three elements.  That’s why one of Under Armour’s shorts is named “nonstop.”  Detailed with two tones of contrasting color, some branding and made up of 100% polyester, the Nonstop short continuously performs well for your desired needs.