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August 12th
Black Shirt, Black Pants, Black Snapback, Black….

It’s a trend that mixes elements of different styles.  From streetwear, skate, avant garde to punk, wearing all black is one of the most popular trends as of late.  The all black everything fit has enabled style in new ways with the introduction of kilts, oversized shirts, leather pants and leather snapbacks.  Should we give credit to the already so powerful Jay Z or Kanye West for making this trend one of the style highlights of this generation?  All we know is that we’re not mad at it, and it’s not a bad look.

Above, we dissect the color black and it’s role in hip hop.  Rappers like Wiz Khalifa, A$AP Rocky and Pusha T are heard tying in the color black into their lyrics and style.  As they all have a different approach to their spit game and what they wear, we take a look at the many ways the color black can be twisted in rap lyrics and how it’s worn.

So at this rate, we don’t expect the all black everything trend to die anytime soon.  We’re quite interested to see how far hip hop can expand the fashion and style horizons.  Let us know what you think of the role of the color black in hip hop style in the comments below!