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November 22nd
Drake – Take Care

In this era of super early singles and inevitable leaks, almost everyone makes up their mind about an album months before it drops. As a result, most releases are either predestined victory laps or days of shame for artists. Drake, however, has bucked the trend with Take Care, a unprecedented blend of gloomy pop, minimalist production, and intricate rhymes. Despite the fact that “Marvin’s Room” and “Headlines” have been dominating airwaves for months already, Take Care, with its raw honesty and eclectic guest list (featuring everyone from Stevie Wonder to Rihanna), has exceeded expectations and reignited the excitement over October’s Very Own. Drake’s lyrics have never been sharper and his signing has never been smoother, landing Take Care squarely on the short list of the year’s best albums.

Listen to “Shot For Me”

Now available on iTunes