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February 22nd
Flashback Friday: Kobe Bryant Jumps Over An Aston Martin

By the time you read this text, you’re probably in your seat exclaiming the amazement of what you saw in the video above.  You’re probably wondering how you could even forget about how the legendary Kobe Bryant performed a “do not attempt at home” type stunt.  In a campaign to promote his newest 13 oz. signature sneaker, Kobe Bryant tells teammate at the time Ronny Turiaf that he’s about to lace up in his Nike Hyperdunks and jump over a speeding Aston Martin DB9 Volante.  And yeah…without a doubt, what can’t Kobe do?  Soon after, the authenticity of the ad became questionable and multiple critics say he never jumped over the Aston Martin.  Kobe is later asked how he did it and answers, “Hollywood, baby!”  Either way, Nike and Kobe got what they wanted: everybody was talking about Kobe and the Nike Hyperdunk.