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May 10th
Flashback Friday: Spurs Win Their First Championship

Where were you when Tim Duncan led the San Antonio Spurs to their first NBA Championship? Chances are, unless you’re a die-harrd Spurs fan, you have no idea. You hardly remember their opponents (New York Knicks) let alone where you were when Timmy D surpassed David “The Admiral” Robinson as the bonafied leader of the Spurs — and also positioned himself on the fast-track to becoming one of the greatest big men the game has ever seen.

The series was dang near lopsided with Patrick Ewing sidelined with a barrage of injuries suffered in the Eastern Conference finals. Robinson controlled the paint and Timmy D set the pace for the series with his infamous bank-shots coming off of a series of hooks, up-and-unders and reverse mid-ranges. Three championships later, it’s clear the Spurs were far from a one year wonder, birthing one of the strongest dynasties in recent memory. Pay homage while they’re still at the top — because someday you’ll miss the only constant in the NBA for the past decade in the Spurs of San Antonio.