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February 27th
Flight School: adidas The KOBETWO

Before the swoosh, the three stripe brand had the privilege of serving what went on Kobe Bryant’s feet.  His first signature adidas sneaker, simply named “The Kobe” was a fantastic performing shoe that sold well in basketball market.  Then in 2001, adidas released The KOBETWO, which carried heavy design inspiration from automobile label Audi.  While the sneaker performed well on the court, it wasn’t the most appealing sneaker to wear.  It’s design, very much alike to the Kobe One, is built with excellent traction, had a larger shell toe and an internalized midsole that gave it an authentic basketball sneaker feel.  The adidas KOBETWO rarely had any complaints regarding how it performed on the court.  It is equipped with a 3D Torsion System that serves excellent stability and gives the fore and mid foot a smooth connection for athletic movement on the court.

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