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November 6th
Flight School: Air Jordan KO

Since the release of the original Air Jordan I, there have been many different variations through its’ 27 year history. With dozens upon dozens of colorways and three or four height changes, the Air Jordan I has always shone brightly, but it is the illusive Air Jordan KO that has left many scratching their heads in confusion, which was only quieted by the extreme need to have this particular shoe a part of any Air Jordan collection closet. Nobody quite knows what the ‘KO’ stands for but it doesn’t seem to matter as the Air Jordan KO’s gritty canvas make-up makes this one awesome shoe. The signature black, red and white colorways take on a different life as these colors are usually died on a smooth leather. The dyed canvas give this colorway a nice washed out theme, but stays durable for long time wear. MJ never wore these on court, but we’re sure if he did it would’ve been the game seen ’round the world!