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October 20th
J.Cole Owns the Stage

“Who dat? Who dat?” blared from oversized speakers as J.Cole turned the posh hotel surroundings into a certified party fit for rap royalty and Roc Nation loyalists. Fans roared as Cole entered stage left wearing a fly pair of Nike Dunks and a fit fresh from a nearby Footaction. After addressing the crowd – “Man, I’ve been playing shows in front of tens of thousands of people, it’s so nice to be able to see everybody’s face in the room, I love this” – Cole rattled through a catalog of hits, including his recent smash singles, “Nobody’s Perfect” and “Workout.”

At several points during the set, Cole broke from his routine to jam with his backing band, often asking fans, “What do you want to hear?” He debuted more than a few records from his pending sophomore release before calling up Star Club’s grand prize recipient, Damien, on-stage to throw on his winning t-shirt design. Soon after, he took a stroll down memory lane while performing cuts from the days of “Lights Please” as a thank you to all those who witnessed his rise from mixtape king to Billboard chart-topper. But not before encouraging security to fall back and let fans get as close as they wanted as he continued on with his performance.

Above all, Cole made one thing clear: He was here to please his dedicated following in attendance. And that he did. As he rounded his set out with a performance of “Can’t Get Enough,” the room transformed into a raucous dance party; ensuring that no one would be leaving without a story (or two or three or four) to take home. “Play something for the people,” Cole requested as he shared daps and hugs with those surrounding the stage. On cue, his DJ dropped Cole’s classic verse over the Kanye West produced “Devil in a New Dress.” And Cole exited the same way he entered – with enormous energy filling the room.

Visit the Star Club on Monday to see an exclusive video recap of Cole’s performance, red carpet happenings and interviews with the four “Own The Stage” contest winners. Thank you to J.Cole and all invited guests for coming out and enjoying the night. You could have been anywhere in the world, but you were here with us. We appreciate that.