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July 30th
Jet Life 101: Accessories

As we continue with the Jet Life series, there’s nothing more important than the things in your pocket.  Aside from your passport or driver’s license, there are a few other travel essentials to have a successful travel experience.  We’re not quite sure if listening to the static airplane noise and over hearing people’s conversations is your cup of tea, so having headphones is always a plus.  On the other hand, having the time wrapped around your wrist is never a bad idea.  Avoid turning on and off your cell and invest in a reliable watch, as it also adds a spark of style to your airport look.  And lastly, don’t forget a camera.  Whether it’s an SLR or point and shoot, recording your travels and capturing the things you pass on your way to your destination is crucial.

Let us know what your favorite accessories are to bring along on your travels in the comments below!