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September 25th
Kirko Bangz In-Store Meet and Greet

Kirko Bangz was in NYC as a part of his “Closer To My Dreams” tour with with Tyga. He stopped into our flagship store on 34th St for meet and greet with fans. Although he’s a quite busy man these days, he took time to speak to us about the tour, his music, and his goals for the future.

SC: You’re on Tyga’s Closer to my Dreams tour. How’s that going?

KB: Man it’s good. The day-to-day is crazy. And the girls be crazy out there. *laughs* It’s obviously a real good look and I appreciate the opportunity more than anything.

SC: How did you link up with him for this?

KB: That’s the homie. He was doing a song over the homie Key Wayne’s beat. And he wanted me to hop on it too. I flipped the hook. And we told Tyga and he’s like “Man I want to work with you.” So he came to H-town, I did a couple songs on his ‘tape and he did one on mine. And ever since that, we’ve been kicking it.

SC: Alright cool, congrats on that. So what sets this tour apart from tours you’ve done in the past?

KB: The only actual tour I’ve done before this was Wale’s and I was only there for two or three days. But this one, I’m on a bus going city-to-city every night. And I’d say my buzz is bigger now. So pretty much everywhere we go, I have some fans. And my fan base is continuing to grow it’s real cool.

SC: You mention the Wale tour. And everyone knows Wale is a huge sneakerhead. Would you consider yourself the same?

KB: Man I’ma be there. You know, he has that on lock right now. He has all those connects so he can get everything super early. So that’s an advantage.

SC: So where do you see your music headed as you evolve as an artist?

KB: I’m about to drop this album late this year or the top of next year. And man, I’m going platinum. Platinum status. And I’m just going to keep on going and push my music so I can branch out and do other things in life too.

SC: How do you plan on going platinum?

KB: I’m just working hard and staying ambitious. I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing. And most importantly, stay true to me.

SC: What specifically do you have planned for the album?

KB: I’m not really that type of person, you know? I can’t really give you details. I just live my life and make music that goes with that. Whatever I’m going through, that’s what I’m going to talk about. It’s just some real human music man. It’s real trill.

SC: You have a show tonight in the city. What should people expect from a Kirko show?

KB: Man a lot of a girls *laughs*. You got to keep the girls happy. We’re just going to turn up. You ever seen your partner at a show and just turned up? That’s how my show is going to be.

SC: So on a show like tonight. What is your go to pair of kicks? Do you have a set rotation?

KB: Nah, man. I fluctuate. I just get to the crib, see what looks best and put it on.

SC: Would you consider yourself a pioneer of this new Houston sound?

KB: Nah, I’m just doing what everyone out there has been doing. I’m just working hard man. Going real hard at it. I’m trying to contribute to opening the door back up to the city. But everyone’s grinding out here. It just took one of us to get on to bring the light back to the city. And I guess that’s what I’m doing.

SC: You just dropped a new mixtape right?

KB: Most definitely. It’s called Procrastination Kills 4. I got the homie Young Jeezy on there. I got Chris Brown, French Montana, Tyga, Paul Wall, Z-Ro, all of them. It’s pretty much just leading up and building to the album. I’m maturing a little bit and I wanted to let the people know what I’ve been going through.

SC: Any last words?

KB: Everyone needs to grab my mixtape Procrastination Kills 4 if you haven’t already. Hit me on Twitter (@kirkobangz), Instagram, and all that. Hit me on there and keep it real trill.  ‘Cause I’m just a regular guy trying to get it out here