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August 10th
London Olympics 2012: Fashion Statements

You can’t blame any of these athletes for decorating themselves the way they have thus far at the London Olympics.  Even though it might not look great, we hope to see more outrageous props and accessories on the playing grounds.  There were athletes who made their fashion statement on the podium like USA gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte propping up in an iced out American flag grill.  And then athletes who got artistic and suited up along with neat face art like USA’s DeeDee Trotter.  But the most notable fashion statement has been the wearings of a country’s flag.  Whether it’s hovering the country’s flag over their head like Allyson Felix and Carmelita Jeter did after their victory, dying your hair the colors of your country like Isabelle Yacoubou did of the French basketball team, or wearing calf high tube socks like Erik Kaynard did, the Olympics has been a place not only displaying extraordinary talent, but immeasurable nationalism.