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August 1st
London Olympics 2012: Underrated Events to Look Forward To

You love the Olympics. We love the Olympics. Quite frankly, everybody loves the Olympics. Not only do they offer a unique chance to watch the world’s greatest athletes compete but they do so in a multitude of arenas. The sub-stories are endless as they are entertaining and the theatrics are unparalleled in sports. There’s the Dream Team 2.0 in basketball, the most decorated Olympian in all of history in Michael Phelps and the dynamic US woman’s gymnastics squadron.

You have your traditional favorite competitions including wrestling, baseball, soccer and volleyball. But much of the Olympics’ appeal in being able to watch a sporting event completely out of the norm. It’s not everyday you get to watch competitive trampoline-ing or race walking (More on that later). Read on to see the Star Club’s selections for the most bizarre games we’re looking forward to seeing in London.

1. Sailing – More often than not sailing is going to bring up thoughts of older rich mean on boats not competitive juggernauts. However the Olympics brings the real to the waters with this high paced sailing race. (11 Events)

2. Race Walking – A track and field event in which one speeds as quickly as possible while refraining from running. Wait – huh? Yep. Athletes must have one foot touching the field at all times to ensure that a proper race walk is being carried out. On your marks, get set and (kind of) go! (1 Event)

3. Table Tennis – High intensity ping-pong is some of the most nerve-wracking game play in all of sports. The Olympics brings this high intensity into millions of homes worldwide.  There’s nothing recreational about the way these players wield a racket. (4 Events)

4. Equestrian – Possibly the most beautiful sport in the Olympics (with respect to rhythmic gymnastics) offers the only animal-friendly competition in the games. With only three events throughout the three week it’ll be tough to catch a showing but if you’re fortunate enough, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

5. Shooting – How often do you hear, “Hey! I can do that,” during the Olympics? Probably not often. But the world’s best skeet shooters make it look easy while hitting more than 140 out of 150 targets. Don’t try this at home folks. (2 Events)