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November 22nd
mac miller – blue slide park

A lot of rappers seem to enjoy trying on different identities over the course of an album, but Mac Miller isn’t one of them. There are three unwavering thematic pillars of Blue Slide Park: partying is really fun, Mac Miller is nice on the mic, and being newly famous is pretty weird. The Pittsburgh native spends most of his debut album supporting these three assertions, leaving little room for much else. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though—Mac Miller certainly knows how to make the soundtrack to a house party. “Frick Park Market,” showcases an impressively nimble flow, and “Party On Fifth Ave” should soon be blasting from every dorm room in America. It might not be an instant classic, but if winter has you nostalgic for carefree summer shenanigans, Blue Slide Park will certainly do the trick.

Watch “Frick Park Market”

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