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April 18th
Mellow Out on Melo

Calling a performance “Jordan-esque” has long been the pinnacle of hoops-related compliments. We’ve said it in regards to Kobe, Vince and Tracy. We’ve held it against LeBron since he seemingly lacks the killer instinct most characteristic of Jordan’s play. So it’s safe to safe, it’s hard to imagine something occurring on the court outside of Sir Airness’ ability. However, if you watched the New York Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony tear the Chicago Bulls’ defense apart this past Easter Sunday, you were probably left without a suitable description.

The stats only tell half the story. The real standout moments came late in the game as Melo took it upon himself to send the game into overtime with a deep three and then topped that with a game-clinching three from equally as far out in overtime. This statement game followed months of national chatter about whether Melo was helping or hurting the New York Knicks. Linsanity may have fueled the anti-Anthony rhetoric a bit, but in recent days, even his most staunch supporters were beginning to wonder if the lockout shortened season was a lost cause. It’s easy to get caught up in flavor-of-the-week stories, but that is no reason to forget ten years of prolific play (and don’t even get us started about his play at Oak Hill or Syracuse).

This past Sunday, Melo gave us 43 reminders to not rule out the New York Knicks in the upcoming playoffs. He also gave us two reasons in particular to mellow out on Melo.