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April 3rd
Sneakers Of The Week (4/3/2012)

adidas Superstar 3G Slide

There’s definitely those times when we don’t feel like squeezing our feet into a pair of compressed sockets and would much rather hop into a pair of cushioned slippers.  Or those days when you just want to feel like there’s a small pillow floating under your feet and can feel the mellow air flow in between your toes.  So until you try on a pair of adidas Superstar 3G Slide’s the bottom of your feet haven’t been necessarily treated at it’s finest.  Stop by your local Footaction to get a taste of the Viscoelastic FitFOAM and adjustable synthetic upper that adidas has to offer. Buy here.

Converse All Star Ox – Men’s

There are no cons about these Cons.  It’s timelessness measures far beyond any other pair of sneakers you have.  They are one of those sneakers that can be put on without any hesitation knowing that you’re looking stylish head to toe.  The Converse All Star Ox’s classic design comprised of a durable canvas upper and rubber sole should be on everyone’s feet come the consistent warm weather.  Available in nine different colorways, there’s not another sneaker that offers a more versatile functionality than these. Buy here.

Nike Lunar Montreal – Men’s

Not many running sneakers are capable of taking on every outdoor surface; every sole has its preferred platform.  Either running on the smooth blacktops of a suburban neighborhood or dodging pedestrians on the sidewalks of a busy city, it might just be best to buy a training sneaker that is durable enough to endure all conditions.  Weighing at an ultra light 5.7 oz., the Nike Lunar Montreal almost feels like a second skin, all with the intentions to maximize a runner’s comfort using premium meshes and lightweight cushioning.  And on top of that, a special Lunarlon midsole establishes every single stride you take on any surface, ensuring the right amount of traction. Buy here.