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January 28th
Star Club Style Select: Jay-Z

Star Club Style Select is a new post series that highlights the different styles of athletes, actors, musicians, artists, etc.  Yeah, you get the point…But celebrities are far more than just talented in their respective field, they are influencers of taste and style.  In each post, we’ll showcase six fits and break down their style.  We ultimately give them a Star Club cosign, but in the end, we want your opinion in the comments below on how you feel about their style.

So in this week’s Star Club Style Select, we highlight Jay-Z.  Arguably the best rapper of this generation, we question if he’s also one of the best dressers?  Take a look above at six Jay-Z fits that feature a very subtle, yet clean look.  Lacing up in a few pairs of Nikes, a few pairs of Jordans and a pair Timberland’s, Hov often goes for the regular straight cut pant along with a collared top or a crewneck sweater that color coordinates with his sneakers.  His style exemplifies color coordination and the various ways you can rock other pants besides a rigid pair of denim.  Let us know which of six Jay-Z fits is best from the gallery above, and let us know how you would improve his style in the comments below.