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December 13th
Star Club’s Top 20 Athletes of 2011 (20-16)

Footaction Star Club presents to you the 20 best athletes of the year 2011. We had to sit back and take a look at the performers of year, those individuals who surpassed all expectations, defied all logic and made athletic history. Our list starts off with a few names you know and some you don’t, but these are most definitely athletes who did their respective sports supreme justice. Let’s get into the countdown.

20) Austin Rivers – Duke Blue Devils
He’s young, yes. But we don’t know if we’ve seen this much promise in any #1 high school prospect in a long time. We’re used to seeing big men dominate the recruiting ranks, but thanks to lightning quickness and a knack for finishing, Doc’s son surpassed all expectations. The current Duke guard is having his fair share of freedom as a Blue Devil, but he still has a lot to learn before he’s wearing Jerry West’s logo on his shoulder.

19) Tom Brady – New England Patriots
It’s hard for us to keep Tom Brady off of a list like this because, year in and year out, he sets a standard at the quarterback position and puts up exceptional figures. The New England Patriots haven’t been performing immaculately but when you’re Tom Brady, you always find a way to make exceptional decisions and manage a high QB rating. He’s made the list because there’s no way he can’t. New England’s Savior.

18) Jacoby Ellsbury – Boston Red Sox
While a certain pitcher featured later on our countdown beat the Red Sox outfielder in AL MVP votes, we’re pretty certain that we know who, arguably, the best all-around player of 2011 was. Ellsbury isn’t known usually for his outstanding play, so 2011 marked a coming out for his excellence and eclipsed all other MLB stars with his batting average and perfect fielding percentage.

17) Nani – Manchester United
Those not to familiar with the Manchester United winger should be pleased to know that aside from a growing arsenal of soccer weapons, the Portugal native has the most acrobatic celebration in the game. He comes in at the number which he wears proudly on his back for the Red Devils, knowing undoubtedly that he’s been having a breakout year. As he was once coined to be the heir to Cristano Ronaldo’s throne, he’s proving to everyone that he intends to carve out his own legendary lane.

16) Alexander Ovechkin – Washington Capitals
Though he’s missing a few teeth, the left winging captain of the Washington capitals sure isn’t missing any hockey skills. Touted year after year as the consensus best player in hockey, the Russian force is an MVP-caliber player with too much talent and raw consistency to be left off a list like this. Gotta make way for Ovie.

Stay tuned for the rest!