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October 29th
Style Report: The Proliferation of Navy Blue

Navy blue is the new black.

Alright, alright — you’re probably tired of hearing that statement so we’re going to rescind that. Black will always be black. But in defense, navy represents a different tone of seriousness and maturity that black can’t achieve. A black-on-black outfit looks tough, but navy-on-navy takes the toughness down a few notches and carries a sense of refinement instead. In color theory, navy blue is similar to the meanings of black, however there’s a different connotation as navy is worn by sailors (i.e. the navy of a nation) who convey “trust, truth, authority, and stability.” That’s a bit better than the mysterious, unknown and misunderstood nature of black.

Whether you’re a little bit dressed up or casual, you can’t go wrong with the combination of navy blue with really good denim, khaki or white. Actually, it’s a neutral enough color to make it the foundation of your entire outfit. Try it out, and let us know what you think. Also: look at the slide above for a mood board using navy.