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January 26th
The Stash With CTOTHEJL

SC: Tell us a little about yourself.

CtotheJL: My name is Chris Lee, I am the founder of The website started around 06′, we updated the site on a daily basis on content we liked. Eventually it caught on and we started receiving a lot of good feedback and followers. At the end of the day, we just like providing good content in one centralized place.

SC: When did you start collecting?

CtotheJL: Started collecting when Nike SB’s started coming out, they were $65 retail, not like the high prices we see now.

SC: What’s your Holy Grail of sneakers?

CtotheJL: Holy Grail, would have to be Supreme Blazers, the black ones to be exact.

SC: What’s the most you’ve ever spent on one pair

CtotheJL: Most money I spent on a pair of kicks was the Air Yeezys in black, they ran me about 350.

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