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August 15th
Sampras vs Agassi: U.S. Open 2001 Highlights

With the U.S. Open soon approaching, it’s fair that we take a look back at one the tournament’s most overlooked matches. It came at a quarterfinal between two of America’s finest tennis products, Andre Agassi and Pete Sampras. It hearkened back to a time in the mid-90s when American Men’s tennis was at a considerable high, thanks to the aforementioned superstars. Their matches were always classics and the rivalry spanned nearly 2 decades, so its only fitting that this new millennium showdown on American soil was one to remember. In a nothing-less-than-thrilling, 4-set match that included all tiebreakers, Pete Sampras came out on top, moving on to the next round of the open and silencing the murmurs that Agassi was a shoe-in for his throne. The two juggernauts’ oft-discussed contrasting styles were on full display during this match, with Agassi able to hold his ground against the aggressive volleys of Pete Sampras only until the end. Click play on the video above to witness just how impossible some of their shot selection was.