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February 7th
Throwback Thursday: Hollywood Shaq

If you didn’t know, Shaq is more than just a legendary center with four NBA Championships.  While he was establishing his basketball legacy with the Orlando Magic and the Los Angeles Lakers in the 90’s, the 7’1 superstar was also a genie that came out of boombox speakers and granted three wishes to a young boy.  Yes, Shaq went Hollywood in 1996, four years after he was drafted into the NBA.  He starred in the movie ‘Kazaam’, a film that has been critically laughed at and has a 1-star rating on Rotten Tomatoes.  Despite that, it didn’t stop Shaq from being Hollywood’s tallest personality.  Shaq was also a rapper under Interscope and Jive labels, who released four studio albums.  In 1993, Shaq released his most successful album “Shaq Diesel” that eventually went platinum, selling 864,000 copies as of 2004.  And beyond that, Shaq has also starred in commercials for Buick, Dove Men, Burger King and Taco Bell.