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May 2nd
Throwback Thursday: Kriss Kross Makes Us Jump in ’92

The year was 1992. Hip hop was in a time of transition if not evolution. Amid the rise of gangster rap, a group of two energetic teenagers in backwards clothing stole the attention of hip hop heads nationwide. Their debut Totally Krossed Out featured the jam “Jump Jump” which is still spun at parties and on radio today, over twenty years since its initial release. But to write Kriss Kross off as simply party-starters or fashion trendsetters would be to do the duo a great disservice. Their music was an escape. For people struggling with the reality depicted in the more hardcore styles of rap, particularly after the turbulent 1980s, Kriss Kross gave them a reason to smile, dance and laugh. It wasn’t about cool though they certainly were. It was about a good time — something that some would argue is missing in the current hip hop landscape.

Whatever your feelings on this, one thing’s for sure: There will never be another duo quite like Kriss Kross. Their impact on popular culture came suddenly but has stood the test of time.

RIP Chris Kelly. Our thoughts are with the Kelly family and all friends and fans of Kriss Kross.