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October 10th
Throwback Thursday: Magic vs Bird! Lakers vs Celtics! West vs East! The Greatest NBA Rivalry Ever?

With the excitement that is the NBA season beginning at the end of this month, the natural talks of who the best players are arises. Sure, there are players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Stephen Curry who are quite up there with some of the best ever. However this Throwback Thursday conversation is not about individual players and their legacy, but instead, true rivalries.

What was the last real legendary rivalry? We’ve seen great teams and franchises. We’ve seen historical winning streaks. But the genuine drama of two specific players heading up against one another… well, that hasn’t been close to being replicated/replaced since Magic Johnson vs. Larry Bird in the 1980’s. The storyline was set up perfectly and couldn’t have been planned. One player who was all flash and playing in Los Angeles while the other was a quiet and reserved individual playing in Boston.

If you have some time to sit through this documentary to relive it, it’s absolutely wondrous what storyline sports can produce.