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July 4th
Flashback Friday: Proud to be an American – The Dream Team Wows in Barcelona

The USA Men’s Basketball team in the 1992 Olympics was unrivaled. The squadron has become nearly unanimous with success — and ultimately, with being the greatest team in the history of sanctioned sports. Globally, no team has registered quite as loud as the ’92 USA team led by Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. Arguably, with the exception of then college standout Christian Laettner, every player on the greatest Olympics team of all time was/is a hall of famer. Some matchups saw them win by over 60 points and others saw them struggle at times, only to redeem themselves by the fourth quarter. Every game was as closer as the USA the wanted them to be; meaning every game was fully in control of the Americans despite surging international competition and a growing acceptance of their on-court dominance. No team has quite captured the attention of the world like the ’92 USA basketball team has. Will the 2016 team compare? Possibly. Bug no team will capture the eyes — and hearts — of an entire country quite like the USA basketball team in Barcelona, Spain in 1992.