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February 28th
Throwback Thursday: Stephen Curry Leads Davidson to Elite Eight

Oh – you didn’t know? The kid Stephen Curry is more than nice. After dropping 54 in the storied Madison Square Garden, Curry is probably wondering the same thing as all of us at the Star Club: How did they overlook this guy for the All Star game!? In spite of the Warriors’ loss, Young Steph was ballin’ (like, or in this case, better than his daddy, Dell Curry, a former NBA sharpshooter in his own right).

But he’s been doing his thing for a while now. We first remember hearing about Curry when he was guiding a lowly, mid-major in Davidson through the 2008 NCAA tournament – and doing so, successfully! Curry would go onto lead the Wildcats past Gonzaga, Georgetown and Wisconsin, to incredulously advance to the Elite Eight. Curry was the center of the commotion as Davidson stole fans’ support and garnered more and more attention. And rightfully so, as he had 40, 30 and 33 points, respectively, throughout the tournament. The whole spectacle was out of a story book – a kid from a school of 1700 people outgunning the traditional powerhouses.

We have no doubts that Curry will continue to upset doubters of his game. If his performance against the Knicks means nothing else, it means he’s easily the best pure shooter in the game today. Period. We’re with you Steph. Hopefully the All Star voters will be too.