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October 18th
Throwback Thursday: The Crossover Seen Around the World: Allen Iverson gets MJ

It was a meaningless game being played in March. The Bulls, led by Michael Jordan, were on their way to another championship. The 76ers were inexperienced and awkward. But they boasted the runaway Rookie of the Year in Allen Iverson. The Bulls walked away victorious in typical fashion – but you’d be hard pressed to find any hoops fan who remembers this game as anything but the day Allen Iverson crossed-over MJ. There they stood at the top of the key. Jordan, seemingly frustrated with the Rookie’s knack for scoring at ease (He had 37 this game), stepped up to take a swipe at the ball. Allen Iverson crossed right and lost Jordan – momentarily. He hesitated and crossed right once more and hit an open jumper at the top of the free throw line – all while wearing a fresh pair of Reebok Questions. Allen Iverson would go on to win an MVP and several scoring titles while earning a nearly incomparable set of career highlights. However, none quite stand out like the day David beat Goliath.