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January 31st
Throwback Thursday: Wilt Chamberlain Traded to the Los Angeles Lakers

It’s always a risky move to trade away your best player.  Their salary might be high and might seem unaffordable in a sense, but it can either make or break your team in the long run.  So who knows whether or not the departure of Rudy Gay from the Memphis Grizzlies for a defensive minded Tayshaun Prince will haunt them in the future.  All we know is that,outstanding players are always missed, just like when Wilt Chamberlain was traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on July 9, 1968.  As the Lakers were struggling to get to the final stage of the playoffs, they saw a chance to acquire the all-star center by letting go of three role players: Archie Clark, Jerry Chambers and Darral Imhoff.  Obviously, the 76ers were aware that they were letting go of an elite center who averaged 24.3 points, 23. 8 rebounds, and 8.6 assists per game the season before he was traded.  So as the Lakers clearly got the best out of this deal, they ended up winning the finals in the 1972 season against the New York Knicks.  All in all, almost every blockbuster trade has been more costly for one team, and Wilt Chamberlain’s move out west certainly marks one of the more costly blockbuster trades in NBA history.