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April 23rd
Trend Report: Luxury Snapbacks & Strapbacks

It probably made you do a double-take the first time you saw it: Is that croc-skin on that hat? And chances are, your observation was right. Recently, “high end” snapbacks (and strapbacks) have surged into the present-day style landscape, becoming a go-to accessory
choice among Uptown tastemakers and street kids alike. Just Don, founded and designed by Kanye West’s style advisor Don C, lead the charge with their collection of retro basketball strapbacks featuring brims adorned in exotic materials and fabrics. Since, a number of brands have hopped on the wave, with some on the pricier side (> $350) and others on the lower end of the spectrum (< $40). Some are subdued – all black leather caps have a distinct ‘night-out’ feel – while others demand attention like Just Don’s newly
released acid wash denim caps with juxtaposed croc-skin brims.

With new options and flavors being explored almost every week by established, as well as, emerging brands, you can expect luxury snapbacks to be a staple of the fashion friendly for seasons to come. Find yours today while the trend bubbles – just make sure you’re pulling it off better than the guy next to you.

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