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February 8th
Trend Report: Throwbacks

Throwbacks back? That’s what it looks like these days as you walk down trendy neighborhoods (and browse blogs like ours) in cities throughout the US. The NBA increased the already growing buzz by releasing a series of ‘90s Hardwood Classics jerseys for select teams. Among these are some bold prints for the Milwaukee Bucks, Phoenix Suns, Indiana Pacers and Atlanta Hawks. But what’s caused the recent rise in interest in throwbacks? This time around it can’t be pinned backed to Jay Z – all respect to Hov though. Simply put, basketball is better than ever and fans – famous and otherwise – are showing their love. And sometimes that means you’ll catch a vintage New York Knickerbockers jersey in your favorite rapper’s video or see David Beckham sport a Magic Johnson throwback.

Life is good for basketball fans. It’s time to bring out the heat folks. Throwbacks are back and the first with a purple New Orleans Hornets jersey will set the pace. Pull out those vibrant jerseys of yesteryear! We’re all for it.